The making of “ARCH”

Arch 8060
The name of this painting is ARCH.
I did not have to think hard to give it a name, and most of the time a name just comes to me while painting.
This painting is made with acrylic paint and the canvas on a wooden frame is 60×80 cm.
To make a long story a little shorter… This painting started out as something complete different as most of my paintings do. Would you scrape of teh top layers of my paintings you nearly always would find another creation underneath. But it’s that basic unterneath work that i need to get to a final result where colours seem to come from somewhere else… well now you know where the come from.
I use different techniques and not only brushes to come to the result i want. I use scrapers you will find i a hardwarestore, sponges, and so much more.
After finishing the painting i seal the work with 3 layers of varnish.
The painting is ready to be hung.
Would you like to purchase this unique handmade painting you can buy it in my online store.
Note: This online shop is made in Flemish but will get a English version in a short while ( just need to get at it)
Price: 125,00 euro
Just 1 peace available offcorse.
The price includes: 
-The painting signed by me
-Shipping cost in Europe.
This is the link to this paintng in my online store:
Would you rather buy the painting using an invoice you can send me a email to place the order.


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