If i could turn back time

Today i’ve been listening to this song.
Cher, performing “if i could turn back time” live, and i tought i would share it here with you.
Fantastic voice and fantastic song…


The Carpenters – Top Of The World

One of the greatest hits from the Carpenters. Nice music just to enjoy.
One of my all time favorites.

The Carpenters – Top Of The World

Alvin Stardust, August 2013, My Coo Ca Choo

Long time ago, when i was a dj Alvin Stardust made this single and it became a big hit.
He had a special attitude about him what made the song so special.
For that time the sound was also very special.
After so many years i found this version of My coo ca choo i on Youtube and i must say that i prefer this version to the “real thing”

Alvin Stardust performs his first major hit ‘My Coo Ca Choo’ which got to number 2 in the British Hit Singles chart in November 1973.
That was nearly 40 years ago and it’s hard to believe Alvin is nearly 71!
Nantwich Civic Hall is a great venue for music concerts as you are able to get right up to the stage to enjoy the concert at close range.

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life Sing-Along

This one i found on youtube, it’s a sing-along version with big orchestra from this classic sond Always look at the Bright side of life.
A full concert hall, nice orchestra and atmosphere and great performers keeps you listening from the beginning till the end.
I like this version of the song and just want to share it with you…

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