Franky playing on the beach

Just some pictures from Franky, my border collie, on the beach in Nieuwpoort, Belgium.


Some pictures from our visit to Berlin Germany

Last summer we spend some days in Germany.
We had planned a citytrip to Berlin.
These are some pictures, of this nice city, i would like to share with you all.

If, after seeing these pictures, you feel that you want to visit Berlin, the only thing i can say is, that you should do so … Berlin is a nice city to visit, lot’s of nice things to visit and like everywhere in Germany a lot of good food.

Would you ever come to Belgium

Would you ever come to Belgium i invite you to visit the place where i live, Mechelen.
In the center of Belgium, between Antwerp and Brussels you can find Mechelen. Not a big town, but we have some nice monuments you really should visit.

I will try to show you some of these places in my next blogs …

Most of all we have our Sint Rombouts cathedral in de center of the town.

You can visit the cathedral and it’s also possible to climb to the top of the tower, giving you a great vieuw as far as Mechelen to Brussels.

There is a glass platform at the top of this tower so visitors can have a real good vieuw in every direction.
You need to get up there using the stairway because the tower has no elevator for the visitors.

Not so far from this tower you find the town hall and the market place.

This is also the place where you can find bars and terrasses and enjoy the vieuw while having a drink or something to eat.
Mechelen has a very good local beer called Gouden Carolus, what you really should try when you are in this town.

More information in a  next blogarticle, or for those who cannot wait on

That summer feeling … Rudesheim and Boppard in Germany




A nice place to spend a couple of days and having a real vacation-feeling is Rudesheim and Boppard in Germany.
When we are in Germany we often make combination of both places to visit.
While Boppard has a nice “promenade” at the border of the Rhijn, Rudesheim as a nice litte town with cosy streets.
For “trainlovers” there is allways someting to see as the trains follow the borders from the Rhijn.
At this border  you have a nice vieuw of the surroundings.
And when the sun is shining you will get that “vacation-feeling” 😉

While walking on the side of the hill’s and between the grapevines we saw this wooden shed.
Locals can buy something to drink and pay with their id-card.

It’s a shame that this system does not work for people who don’t live in Germany, but it’s a great idea for people who are marching trough this area.

Don’t forget to enjoy some white wine when you are in the area 😉

Website Rudesheim
Website Boppard


Visit this “Poorterswoning” in Antwerp.

Another  place you really have to see when your in Antwerp is this old “Poorterswoning”.

A museum at a place/house you would not expect it to be. Middle in the town and between bars and bistro’s.
The house belonged to a rich trademan in the 16th century.

In the house you can see real living animals, just like it was years ago.

After you have been visiting the house you can have a drink or eat something in the restaurant that was made in de cellar of the house.

The adress:
Pelgrimstraat 15
2000 Antwerpen

The website:

Shopping Stadsfeestzaal Antwerp

When you ever visit Antwerp in Belgium, make some time to visit this shoppingcenter.
Not only for the stores but also for the nice architecture of this building.

This is the adress:

Meir 78 / Hopland 31
2000 Antwerpen

Visit the website: