A painting called “Storm”

And it has been a storm …
I had just one canvas that i did not use yet, and so i tried to start painting about a week ago. It had been nearly a year ago that i made a painting so the start was not so easy.
The paint, and the colours went everywhere, but i just did not get the result that i wanted. The painting had no body, so i carried on and on and on…
The classic moment came when i decided to take a sponge over the whole painting creating a background of different colours, and from there on i started a whole new composition on the canvas.
The result was this acrylic painting on canvas with some stormy effects.
I called it “Storm”
The panting is made on a stretched canvas on a wooden frame 60×70 cm.

Here are some pictures from the whole painting as well as some more detailed views of the canvas.

The painting is now available for our flemish readers at:
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I made some new paintings

After a time-out from painting, i bought some new material this week and made a new start.
I was’nt happy with the intensity of the colours i used and some combinations needed to change. So i bought some Galeria paints to see what the difference it would make, and must must say that it make a big difference.
The colours are more intens, and for the colours i choose, they feel warmer.
The canvas i bought is also from a better quality, all things that make a little difference.

Grain 6060
o this one i called “GRAIN”.
It’s a painting on a canvas 60×60 cm

Dancinred 6070
This one i called “DANCINRED”
It’s a painting on a canvas 60×70 cm
All my paintings are made with acrylic paint and the paintings are canvas on a wooden frame.

More acrylic paintings by Michael Grieve

In my previous blog i said that i’ve been making more than 30 paintings these past months. But i just posted 2 pictures from the last paintings i made, so i tought it would be nice to let you all have a look at some of the other works that i made.
I’m a professional window dresser and i let and sell mannequins, that’s my job, but as i allways have been busy working on the creative side of life i started painting and it became a nice new experience for me.
As a window dresser i have the option to display my paintings in the store windows of my clients. They become a part of the window decoration. Some of my paintings i made keeping this in mind.
I started with smaller paintings and made some mixed media creations.
This is one of the first paintings i made using a picture as a background.
This colourfull painting followed next.
??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_2022
After trying out different styles i landed, for the moment, in a more abstract style.
IMG_2315 IMG_2329 IMG_2333 IMG_2427
And then i made some more in the same style…
IMG_2425 IMG_2442 IMG_2321 IMG_2428
And i have some more… but that’s for the next time 😉
You can by the original handmade and signed paintings in my online store.

I do have another blog searching for relatives

Here on WordPress i have different blogs, most of these blogs are written in Flemish, but i have one other blog with information about my ancesters.
I have Scottish roots, my father was born in Kirkliston in Scotland. After he got married he never went back home and till this day i don’t know if i have some living relatives in Scotland.
So i wrote a blog, several years ago, asking people living in Scotland if they know anyone on the list that i placed in my blog.
You can go and read my blog following this link


Summer is over

Maybe a little premature for some people, but it’s a fact, window-dressers always walk ahead of the seasons. As most shop window decorations remain at least several weeks in the window i must keep in mind which weeks the windows will overlap.
While people, on the last day of the sales,  look forward to the next month of vacation and sun, I look forward to next season, autumn.







Not everyone likes the summer to end, but in the stores appears the new collections … autumn has arrived .

In some shops it’s possible to start the new season using school-items as decoration theme. Here in Belgium school starts on the 1th of september so that’s possible.  Offcorse for obvious reasons this theme cannot be applied in every store.

Autumn has his charms. It’s a season that brings warmth and comfort in all the decorations. where the summer mainly is characterized by bright colours.
Autumn colors are of a different caliber and can be found anywhere in the woods and nature around us.
I use lot’s fall leaves and hunting-related items to themes i use in the windows.

Sometimes i use grapes, vines and wine bottles as a decorative tool. These props keep the feeling of the summertime a little longer alive 😉 .








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My first real English blog

It’s not going to be easy, but i decided to start writing an English blog. I expect to write many fawlts in the beginning, but i hope, once i get the hang of it that i will get better and that my English will become readable to everyone.

My normal Language is Flemish as i live in the flemish side of Belgium.
I choose the name Windowdummy because, for a living, i’m a professional window dresser and like a dummy i can stare at the world, looking from the inside to all what happens at the outside.
Thinking about what i wrote just now, i think that many people can relate to this, standing on the inside looking at all what happens in the world, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but not able to change anything.

I intend to write about many different things, sometimes it will be about my work, my job as a window dresser, or about the mannequins that i let and sell, because that’s another part of my work. You can visit my website for more details http://www.windowdummy.be
And sometimes i will write about life in Belgium, Mechelen the town where i live, just some ordanairy daily news …

Just wait and see.