This painting i called Eruption.
It feels like a deep impression going from the middle of the painting and working is way to the outside.
Many eruptions in the whole painting and lots of structure.
The painting is made on a canvas 50×70 cm and i streched on a wooden frame, ready to hang.
After the painting was dry i gave it a coating of 2 layers of varnish.
It’s a handmade painting, one of a kind.


Would you like to be the new owner of this painting, then you can buy it here.
Price includes vat and shipping in Europe
85,00 euro



One of my latest paintings i made on 4 small canvasses that i had just laying around.
And i decided that i wanted to make a painting in other colours than i usualy do, so i started painting blue and bright colours over 4 canvassen laying next to each-other.
I used different techniques, scraping and circles and freehand on this one, creating a painting where there is a lot going on.
I call it “Ignasius” and it’s 80×60 cm in total

Ignasius 8060

Going Nowhere

The next canvas became just “out of nowhere” because that’s just what happened.
I was painting different colours on this 3D-canvas  50×50 cm and it was just going nowhere.
Using different colours brown, green till i needed to take a sponge and déléte what i made. That instantly changes the image and after using some scraping-tools this was the final result.
A sort of chocolate painting with different stripes.


I decided to change this blog

It has been quiet a long time now that i was thinking about making a blog to show my paintings. And as i started doing this on this blog i tought it was time to change the name of my blog.
And so i did today.

This blog will be in the first place a blog to write about my paintings and things that inspire me to paint, but i also will post other tings like music that i like and video’s from artists that inspire me.
So please stay tuned and stay giving coments.

These are my new artistcards 😉 Hope you like them.

Paintings by Michael Grieve

Funny to see my own name on the paintings.
Since a couple of months i started painting with acrylic paint. And i must say that i like making abstract paintings the most of all.
I tried different styles but for the moment i prefer to paint abstract.
I learned a lot looking at video’s on youtube and reading about different ways “how to paint”.
I may say that i’ve been quiet active painting as i painted more than 30 canvasses in a short time and then i stopped.

After a short period that i did not paint at all i started again.
This is the result of my newest pantings 60×90 cm on 3D-canvas.
IMG_0242 IMG_0243
The paintings are allways the result of different transitions while painting. Sometimes i start with a whole other idea than what becomes the final result, but that’s what they call “creativity”.
My paintings are for sale in my online store , but these last ones need to dry for a period before i can varnish them. After that i can add them to my store.
This is the link: