Going Nowhere

The next canvas became just “out of nowhere” because that’s just what happened.
I was painting different colours on this 3D-canvas  50×50 cm and it was just going nowhere.
Using different colours brown, green till i needed to take a sponge and déléte what i made. That instantly changes the image and after using some scraping-tools this was the final result.
A sort of chocolate painting with different stripes.



Summer is over

Maybe a little premature for some people, but it’s a fact, window-dressers always walk ahead of the seasons. As most shop window decorations remain at least several weeks in the window i must keep in mind which weeks the windows will overlap.
While people, on the last day of the sales,  look forward to the next month of vacation and sun, I look forward to next season, autumn.







Not everyone likes the summer to end, but in the stores appears the new collections … autumn has arrived .

In some shops it’s possible to start the new season using school-items as decoration theme. Here in Belgium school starts on the 1th of september so that’s possible.  Offcorse for obvious reasons this theme cannot be applied in every store.

Autumn has his charms. It’s a season that brings warmth and comfort in all the decorations. where the summer mainly is characterized by bright colours.
Autumn colors are of a different caliber and can be found anywhere in the woods and nature around us.
I use lot’s fall leaves and hunting-related items to themes i use in the windows.

Sometimes i use grapes, vines and wine bottles as a decorative tool. These props keep the feeling of the summertime a little longer alive 😉 .








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