One of my latest paintings i made on 4 small canvasses that i had just laying around.
And i decided that i wanted to make a painting in other colours than i usualy do, so i started painting blue and bright colours over 4 canvassen laying next to each-other.
I used different techniques, scraping and circles and freehand on this one, creating a painting where there is a lot going on.
I call it “Ignasius” and it’s 80×60 cm in total

Ignasius 8060


Yeah, i have my own gallery

Making art is one thing, but finding a place “space” to show is something else.
I’m lucky to have both. I can make paintings and i can show them to the people who are interested in my own gallery.
Gallery is maybe a big word, but i use the entrance to my showroom with mannequins to display my art.
Paintings and mannequins… that does’nt sound bad 😉

Two days a week my showroom for mannequins is open and so i will be showing my paintings at the same time using the entrance as a gallery.
You can visit the showroom and see the paintings at the next adress:
Geerdegemvaart 22
2800 Mechelen
We are open mondays and fridays from 10 till 12 am and 2 till 5 pm
More information on my website
Paintings by Michael Grieve

IMG_0325 IMG_0322

IMG_0324 IMG_0321

My first big painting

I had the canvas for quiet a long time, but i did not want to paint on it till i was shure that it would become a nice one.
“A nice painting” in my style 😉
As allways i started working on the canvas, tried to create a new painting. It looks like i start a painting ending with a whole other result than what i tought it would become, but that’s allright for me, i know now that that’s just the way how it works in my mind.
The painting was made on a canvas from 1 x 1 meter and i used acrylic paint.
I’m happy with the result and can’t wait to make another one.
I know now that i enjoy painting large paintings more than small ones, I also need to work on my style, paint a bit more free.
So that is waht i’m trying to do in the future.

The big painting is on display in my showroom with mannequins, and i’m happy with the result.
It will be on sale soon, but first it needs to dry and the i can varnish the painting before adding it to my online shop.

IMG_0318 IMG_0319 IMG_0314
If you would like to see my other paintings,, or buy one ( or more) you can find them in my online store.
Just look for Paintings by Michael Grieve