I made some new paintings

After a time-out from painting, i bought some new material this week and made a new start.
I was’nt happy with the intensity of the colours i used and some combinations needed to change. So i bought some Galeria paints to see what the difference it would make, and must must say that it make a big difference.
The colours are more intens, and for the colours i choose, they feel warmer.
The canvas i bought is also from a better quality, all things that make a little difference.

Grain 6060
o this one i called “GRAIN”.
It’s a painting on a canvas 60×60 cm

Dancinred 6070
This one i called “DANCINRED”
It’s a painting on a canvas 60×70 cm
All my paintings are made with acrylic paint and the paintings are canvas on a wooden frame.



This painting i called Eruption.
It feels like a deep impression going from the middle of the painting and working is way to the outside.
Many eruptions in the whole painting and lots of structure.
The painting is made on a canvas 50×70 cm and i streched on a wooden frame, ready to hang.
After the painting was dry i gave it a coating of 2 layers of varnish.
It’s a handmade painting, one of a kind.


Would you like to be the new owner of this painting, then you can buy it here.
Price includes vat and shipping in Europe
85,00 euro

The making of “ARCH”

Arch 8060
The name of this painting is ARCH.
I did not have to think hard to give it a name, and most of the time a name just comes to me while painting.
This painting is made with acrylic paint and the canvas on a wooden frame is 60×80 cm.
To make a long story a little shorter… This painting started out as something complete different as most of my paintings do. Would you scrape of teh top layers of my paintings you nearly always would find another creation underneath. But it’s that basic unterneath work that i need to get to a final result where colours seem to come from somewhere else… well now you know where the come from.
I use different techniques and not only brushes to come to the result i want. I use scrapers you will find i a hardwarestore, sponges, and so much more.
After finishing the painting i seal the work with 3 layers of varnish.
The painting is ready to be hung.
Would you like to purchase this unique handmade painting you can buy it in my online store.
Note: This online shop is made in Flemish but will get a English version in a short while ( just need to get at it)
Price: 125,00 euro
Just 1 peace available offcorse.
The price includes: 
-The painting signed by me
-Shipping cost in Europe.
This is the link to this paintng in my online store: http://www.decorsandlifestyle.be/a-37644853/paintings-by-michael-grieve/arch/
Would you rather buy the painting using an invoice you can send me a email to place the order.

More acrylic paintings by Michael Grieve

In my previous blog i said that i’ve been making more than 30 paintings these past months. But i just posted 2 pictures from the last paintings i made, so i tought it would be nice to let you all have a look at some of the other works that i made.
I’m a professional window dresser and i let and sell mannequins, that’s my job, but as i allways have been busy working on the creative side of life i started painting and it became a nice new experience for me.
As a window dresser i have the option to display my paintings in the store windows of my clients. They become a part of the window decoration. Some of my paintings i made keeping this in mind.
I started with smaller paintings and made some mixed media creations.
This is one of the first paintings i made using a picture as a background.
This colourfull painting followed next.
??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_2022
After trying out different styles i landed, for the moment, in a more abstract style.
IMG_2315 IMG_2329 IMG_2333 IMG_2427
And then i made some more in the same style…
IMG_2425 IMG_2442 IMG_2321 IMG_2428
And i have some more… but that’s for the next time 😉
You can by the original handmade and signed paintings in my online store.