I’ve updated my shop today

As you all know i have several online stores selling mannequins and displays in one store and another where i sell my paintings and things that people need to decorate their home.
So today i’ve been updating that last shop.
The store was in Flemish and i had added some English information on the articles but never made a good job of it.  So i started the day on that site and now, finally, the whole site is available in English.
I’ve updated the shippingcost to different countries and added Germany in that list.

So this webshop is all about nice things for you’re home decoration. It is about what the name says: decorsandlifestyle.be
I will be adding new articles in the future. I intend to make a special corner for vintage-articles and a juwelry-store and more. We will see where it will bring us.

I send my parcels using GLS or Bpost or DPD, depending where i need to send the parcel too.
I’ve made it easy now to order articles wich must be send to Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxemburg and Great Britain. The whole check-out system is now ready for these countries. But on request i will send all my articles trough Europe.

If you make nice original items that you think could fit into the shop, please contact me, i’m always looking out for original articles for the online store. My email: michael.grieve@telenet.be
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My first newsletter

For many people this will not really earth-shattering news, and that it is not, but yesterday I made my first newsletter etalagepoppen.be. An initial newsletter and also a new beginning. It’s like going to school to learn new things, the result is great but it always can get better, and I hope in the future, that will happen.
A newsletter should bring something new and that’s not always easy.
What actions, which offers and especially what do I want to tell the readers. A lot of open questions …

My original idea was to have a letter / brochure to send to my customers, but this requires more planning than creating a newsletter, I may encounter. I was working on the design for a brochure when I came to the conclusion that this design could work as the base for a newsletter. E-mail also has the advantage that all items are clickable.

If you look at the ecological side, it is also interesting to e-mail instead of sending a flyer in the mail. Such as using plain paper, sending a postman on the road and all the driving that is needed to get the post to the wanted adres.
So I decided to use the electronic highway instead of the ordinary postman.

So I started looking for an email provider for the handling of the newsletter. After googling a while I made a choice and created an account on http://www.yourmailinglistprovider.com/nl/.

First choose a template and created a first newsletter. The folder that I made served as the theme for this newsletter to create.
Creating mailing lists I found the hardest part. My adresses had to be transferred from my adres book,  but after a while I  had 220 adresses in my list … a good start.
The advantage of such a provider is mainly the support and information that you receive after sending your newsletter. Statistics show how many people read your text and how many were regarded unsubscribe.
I’m not going to start daily newsletter sending, I have no time for that  I do not like to send to many mails to the people registered, but it is a useful tool to keep abreast of promotions and offers that I’m going to do . I also want use the newsletter for specific actions that give benefit to the readers of these newsletters.
Of course, the messages are related to my work, mannequins, display…

This page was written using Google translate …

Summer is over

Maybe a little premature for some people, but it’s a fact, window-dressers always walk ahead of the seasons. As most shop window decorations remain at least several weeks in the window i must keep in mind which weeks the windows will overlap.
While people, on the last day of the sales,  look forward to the next month of vacation and sun, I look forward to next season, autumn.







Not everyone likes the summer to end, but in the stores appears the new collections … autumn has arrived .

In some shops it’s possible to start the new season using school-items as decoration theme. Here in Belgium school starts on the 1th of september so that’s possible.  Offcorse for obvious reasons this theme cannot be applied in every store.

Autumn has his charms. It’s a season that brings warmth and comfort in all the decorations. where the summer mainly is characterized by bright colours.
Autumn colors are of a different caliber and can be found anywhere in the woods and nature around us.
I use lot’s fall leaves and hunting-related items to themes i use in the windows.

Sometimes i use grapes, vines and wine bottles as a decorative tool. These props keep the feeling of the summertime a little longer alive 😉 .








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